How it all started…

Sewing started as a hobby and from there it grew into friends and friends of friends making orders. My online sales took off and I’m now able to share my Creations with you. Through word of mouth my business has blossomed and I am forever grateful!
I have grown a lot since I first started and am proud of the products I produce and appreciate all the feedback along the way to get me to produce professional quality products. I am always expanding my skills and trying new ideas to keep things interesting so remember to check back for the latest additions to the shop .

Terms and Conditions

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  • Although we take the utmost care when making your bear, ultimately the quality of the bear is dependent on the fabric we receive.
  • No refund is possible on bears as we cut the supplied garments into a pattern and thus cannot return the garment in it’s original state.
  • Bears take up to 2 weeks to complete from receiving your garment and shipping is done the next day.